About Us

MSS international limited is a family run company that specialises in the manufacturing and servicing of anaesthetic vaporisers to veterinary and medical professions worldwide, delivering high quality products and professionalism since 1996.

We are based in Keighley, West Yorkshire a town with a long industrial history. It is the birthplace of the “Continuous Flow – Temperature Compensated Vaporisers” originally manufactured by the company Cyprane, and the Ohmeda both well-known companies based in the area. The trade name for their vaporisers was TEC (temperature compensated) which is still used today around the world decades later continually developing.

We were set up by three ex-Ohmeda employees, with years of knowledge and experience with anaesthetic vaporisers. They had previously worked for Cyprane and Ohmeda, famous companies in the local area, prior to moving the company to America.

We sell our own design of vaporisers inspired by the famous TEC 3 vaporiser, and has been our main product since it was first sold in 1997. In addition to manufacturing vaporisers, we have our own Service Centre, servicing TEC 3, TEC 4, TEC 5 and TEC 7 vaporisers.


Our History

Moira’s parents worked at Cyprane prior to her starting in 1982 at the age of sixteen, and then two years later John began at Cyprane, along with his Mother who had joined the team ten years previously.
In 1996 Ohmeda closed and relocated to America, leaving hundreds of people out of work. With the knowledge and experience in manufacturing anaesthetic vaporisers, John along with two former Ohmeda employees formed their own company, which became Medical Supplies and Services International Limited.
In 1997 they developed a new vaporiser, based on the TEC 3 vaporiser, which is still today known as the MSS 3 and we are very proud of it. In addition to manufacturing vaporisers they developed a service centre, in order to service TEC 3, TEC 4, TEC 5 and TEC 7 vaporisers old and new, as with the right care and use we have found that vaporisers can last years and still work perfectly.

Over the years we have grown and advanced as a company, such as developing our original products and creating new ones. We have our machine shop, where we produce 90%? Of our own components.
We have also become a family business, as both of Moira’s daughter work here, one since 2012 and like her mother began at 16, and the youngest since 2018 after completing her college qualifications. Three generations in the anaesthetic vaporiser field, it’s safe to say we know our stuff.
  1. Cyprane opened in Haworth near Keighley in West Yorkshire.

  2. Peter Findlay (Moira's Father) began working at Cyprane.

  3. Whinnie Findlay (Moira's Mother) began working at Cyprane.

  4. Elizabeth McInnes (John’s Mother) began working at Cyprane.

  5. Moira began working at Cyprane, aged only 16.

  6. John began working at Cyprane, along with his future wife.

  7. Cyprane became Ohmeda and moved to Steeton. Both John and Moira continued on after the change.

  8. Ohmeda closed its doors, and relocated to America. MSS was formed by John and two colleagues in a room in a house is Silsden

  9. The first MSS 3 vaporiser was produced.

  10. We moved to Keighley, where we still stand today. Moira began working at our company after a break to have her children.

  11. Moira became a director of the company

  12. John and Moira got married 04/04/10. We opened our own machine shop to manufacture make our own parts.

  13. Lauren, Moira’s eldest started working with us aged 16, while studying A Levels.

  14. Trained and developed new members of staff. Including Hannah, Moira’s youngest

  15. We extended and have a new premises for vaporiser accessories and ventilator development.

  16. New Website Launch