At MSS , exceptional service is our goal. We take pride in ensuring that your vaporiser performs accurately. Vaporisers at MSS are serviced to rigorous standards to help assure continuous, safe, and uninterrupted system performance. We follow the original manufactures protocol and specifications at all times.
Vaporiser Service Includes:

Disassembling the vaporiser completely

  • Inspecting all parts in detail for wear & damage
  • Thorough cleaning of all internal components
  • Replacement of all routine parts including wicks, seals & o rings
  • Replacement of damaged & worn parts with customer approval
  • Multi-phase tested with a laser refractometer for accuracy
  • Temperature & flow performance tested
  • Full service calibration The vaporiser, upon passing inspection, is then prepared for safe shipment.
MSS also offers upon request:
  • Anaesthetic Agent Conversions
  • Filler Type Conversions
  • Mounting Conversions
Vaporisers serviced at MSS include:
  • Tec  3 Halothane
  • Tec 3 Isoflurane
  • Tec 3 Sevoflurane
  • Tec 4 Halothane
  • Tec 4 Isoflurane
  • Tec  5 Halothane
  • Tec 5 Isoflurane
  • Tec  5 Sevoflurane

All types of vaporisers can be checked for calibration on our state of the art laser refractometer

Please see below for our Standard Service Centre Procedure for Vaporisers

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