Care & Handling

The MSS Vaporiser – General Care of your Vaporiser

  • Do Not fill vaporisers with any agent other than that specified on the front label. The Vaporiser is designed and calibrated for that agent only. Any other agent other than that specified can prove to be dangerous to the patient.
  • Do Not carry the vaporiser by the control knob/dial. Use two hands, grasping the vaporiser body. Handle with care.
  • Do Not modify, tamper with or disassemble this PRECISION instrument.
  • Do Not immerse the vaporiser in any liquid, including water.
  • Do Not sterilise the vaporiser.
  • Do Not drain the anaesthetic agent from the vaporiser into any container other than a properly marked container.
  • Do Not fill the vaporiser unless the control knob/dial is in the “OFF” position.
  • Do Not have the vaporiser serviced by anyone other than a MSS recommended Service Centre.
  • Observe all instructions on the vaporiser labels.
  • Turn the vaporiser “OFF” when not in use.
  • Always ensure that the  anaesthetic agent is visible in the sight glass.
  • At intervals – ideally not exceeding two weeks – the vaporiser should be drained when the liquid level is low – any container used should be suitably marked – and the liquid discarded. Longer intervals may be used when the anaesthetic agent does not contain additives or stabilising agents (e.g. Halothane . Fluothane).

The Wrong Drug

  • Drain and discard all liquid
  • Scavenge vaporiser with 5 litres per minute Air or O2 and the dial set at 5% until no trace of drug can be detected. Time ? hours.
  • Fill with correct drug and wait about 2 hours allowing for temperature of the vaporiser to stabilise before proceeding with caution.
  • If in doubt check with MSS International Ltd.